What Are You Waiting For?

by The Response

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released November 17, 2017

Recorded and Mixed by Andrew and Victoria Knopp
Mastered by Metropolis Studio, London


all rights reserved



The Response Christchurch, New Zealand

After meeting at Jazz School and refining their sound through several releases and a stint living in Canada, The Response craft alternative pop songs that are both introspective and energetic. The Christchurch native band perform as a duo, combining a variety of live electronic instruments with guitar and vocals resulting in a familiar yet entirely unique sound. ... more


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Track Name: Great Escape
I comb the horizon, for signs that I’ve found my way
I’ve come to rely on, a steady glow that’s never far but I when reach,
It’s gone, I’m still trying, but all that I ever see has come in diguises, I never seem to get it right but here I go again
I need a second with the light on,
Another moment for my great escape
A little time before the curtain’s down
And my world it comes undone
I hold this direction, I wish I could read your mind, I drown in these questions, have I been going round in circles cause I see
The past, never distant, I feel it beneath my skin it begs my attention, I’m never getting taken in but here i go again
Track Name: What Are You Waiting For?
Tthere’s a place that I saw,
there was a time that I thought it closer
it’s so far off
I’m not sure that it’s gone,
feel it change as I’m growing older
is it enough?
Head is in the air should I leave it there?
even if it’s hopeless
just take a look around
Every other day, feeling miles away,
is it worth the bother?
to figure all this out
What are you waiting for?
So now where do I go?
wish somebody who knows could tell me
where I belong
Could I say that it’s right?
Could I leave it behind I’m failing
so out of touch
Try to find a way, should I go or stay?
got no destination,
but I don’t want to wait
Really can’t complain, feeling half awake
I don’t want to face it
or stay another day
Track Name: Find Your Answer
The sun is in my eyes, when did morning dawn? even in this light, I can’t find the door
Go find, go find, your answer, go now, go now, and catch it
What if time it ends, tomorrow never comes, I’d like to make amends, but something’s got my tongue,
Go find, go find, your answer, go now, go now, and catch it
I’ve waited, but still not found, I need it, I hear the sound
I know I’m not alone, I know you feel the same, we called eachother home but something had to change,
Go find, go find, your answer, go now, go now, and catch it
Have I got it wrong, made myself a lie, I thought I could belong, with you I’d have a life
Go find, go find, your answer, go now, go now, and catch it
Track Name: Call Somebody
They come and they talk, but nothing can escape, our love will last and age
Some already walked, but I will always stay, I’ll never lose my way
Call somebody, I can hear the voices coming again
Call somebody, I can see the fools are bringing the end
It’s hard to believe, it’s always been the same, they’ve always known your name,
But some come to see, and I can see the day, when all this goes away
Track Name: Obvious
I can hear the clocks are buzzing, it can’t be done, let me stay a while
yeah I know you owe me nothing, I made you run far and wide
I keep coming back to this I know what must be done,
It’s hard to say I know that we’ll be gone forever
even if it’s obvious
having trouble with the feeling, it can’t be done, barely found our feet
Never saw this life revealing who we are and what we want
Track Name: Off Grid
I know I’m a lot of things, can’t get to the bottom
See a version of myself but i’d prefer another,
Can’t hang it up, I’ve come unstuck
Find out what your miss behind those lids, you don’t belong
Can you choose the life that you will live? or has it gone
I can’t get myself outside the grid, it’s been too long
Tell me what I’m missing
Could someone please give me a break from this running
Who told me life would find a way? it’s just bringing me down
I’m not sure that I like the way, I’m becoming
It’s heavy on me like a weight, will I ever be found
I can’t get my head around it, hard to even bother
Time and time again I’ve fought it, never to discover
Can’t hang it up, I’ve come unstuck

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